Concrete Works Of Colorado

The heart of an entrepreneur beats a little faster and more passionately than that of an average person. Something different drives each entrepreneur but there is a common thread: the ability to take risks and create reality from little more than a dream. Concrete Works of Colorado, is an excellent example of this type of entrepreneurial spirit. For President Marc Lenart, the company has been a labor of love from the moment he and a friend decided to go into business for themselves. “We don’t want to be the biggest,” he explains, “We want to be the best.”

This goal has driven Concrete Works of Colorado to the success it currently enjoys. Founded in 1978, the company was a joint venture between Lenart and a friend when both were in their early 20s. Working tirelessly and making little money in their jobs as cement finishers, the two men managed to scrape together $3000–enough to make their dream a reality. Lenart and his partner quit their jobs to start a business that would eventually become an award-winning multi million-dollar company.

A firm commitment to quality continues to drive all of Concrete Works of Colorado’s business decisions. From its earliest days as a dream by young men who just wanted to run their own business to the reality of being one of the most respected concrete construction companies in Colorado, the success of Concrete Works of Colorado is the kind only dreamed of by many entrepreneurs. That success will continue earning the company respect and admiration from both competitors and clients alike.