Pipeline Construction

Concrete Works of Colorado crews are highly skilled at providing diverse pipeline construction services under a variety of circumstances. Water line, storm sewers, and other utility work, from the very basic to extremely complex, can be performed as new construction or within existing conditions. Concrete Works of Colorado can provide new water and sanitary as well as existing water line and sanitary line replacement. Concrete Works of Colorado is an approved Denver Water Board contractor for all pipe and conduit sizes.

Pipeline Projects

This City of Denver project, included installing a storm sewer system to service the neighborhoods of Five Points, Whittier, and City Park West. Its objective was to improve drainage during a five-year storm event and address areas where significant flooding could occur. The new storm drainage system will carry storm runoff and snowmelt safely to the South Platte River. The project was part of a larger program to improve drainage along 33rd Street in the Rino and Curtis Park neighborhoods to meet the growing demands of residential and commercial development in the area. A box culvert was extended and 10’ by 12’ boxes were placed under the roadway, and in some places the excavation was more than 30’ deep.

A Willow Brook Water and Sanitation District project surrounding Red Rocks Country Club in Jefferson County extended approximately 3,200’ with 6” C900 PVC, 6” ductile iron pipe, fire hydrant assemblies, 24 water service connections, including tees and bends, asphalt removal and replacement, erosion control, and traffic control.

Phase II of the City and County of Denver Wastewater project extended the N. University Outfall beginning at 2nd & Josephine and ending at 4th & Detroit. Phase III stretched from Detroit to Steele on 4th Street. Phases included 4,175 lf of 48” to 18” Reinforced Polymer Mortar Pipe (RPMP) mainline with laterals, inlets, piping and manholes. Also included were erosion control, milling and an asphalt overlay. Both phases of this project were located adjacent to the busy Cherry Creek Mall District.

This pipeline construction project covered various locations through-out The City and County of Denver. Specifics of the project included installation of 1,263 feet of 48” RCP storm pipe, 4,300 cubic yards of channel earthwork with riprap. A concrete CIP structure, 140’ 24” steel casing, asphalt pavement and erosion control.

This project encompassed various locations through-out the Town of Lyons which included 1,200 lf of 8” C900, CL 150 PVC, a ¾” Type K service lateral connection, 1,185 lf of by-pass pumping, grading – cut to fill and balance. Replacement of existing domestic water and sanitary sewer systems, including reconnection of services and removal and replacement of curb, gutter & walk. In addition erosion control, pedestrian ramps, traffic control within public Right-of-Way, temporary and permanent pavements, installation of new fire hydrants and replacement of storm drains were part of this contract.

With seven various locations this City and County of Denver storm pipe installation and street restoration project with a contract time of 210 days included 700 lf of 15”-48” dia. C-76 RCP, 24” diameter PVC, 22 precast manholes, removal of existing 12” – 36” storm sewer pipe, abandon existing sewer pipe. Vibration assessment was included, muck excavation, unclassified excavation, and subgrade material. Installation of 6” water valve, 6” to 12” PVC for water lowering, sod, relocation of sprinkler system, tree removal, traffic control, storm water management, quality control testing and pavement marking.

Conduit 74 a Denver Water Department pipeline construction project was located at Smith Road and Havana and included furnishing and installing 75 lf of 36” steel pressure waterline pipe, 2137 linear feet of 42” steel pressure waterline and 1130 lf of 12” and 16” distribution water mains in Smith Road. CWC crews also installed a 22” casing bore under the railroad, a 60” steel casing bore under three high-pressure petroleum lines, in addition to construction a 30’x34’ underground cast-in-place concrete vault complete with 42” and 16” interior piping with electrical and mechanical components.

A Denver Water Department project located at S. Wadsworth Blvd. & Hwy 285 involved construction of approximately 475 lf of 60” diameter cement coated and cement-mortar lined steel pipe, two connections to the existing 60” diameter reinforced concrete cylinder pipe (RCCP) and the filling and abandonment of 460’ of existing 60” diameter RCCP.

The scope of work for this project included excavation, removal and replacement of 52 lf of 60” diameter concrete waterline, 48” gate valve, 7’ by 18’ vault and a 48” access manhole. Installation of a 60” butterfly valve, a 6” bypass, a 4” air valve assembly, 6” blow-off and 60” diameter access manholes.